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Ping Yuan Huang

Ping Yuan Huang

Sunday, December 16 | 1:00 am | Epicenter

Huang Pin began his singing career in 1990, personally composing the albums he released. The best-selling song “How Do You Feel Me Sad” on his first Mandarin album is a popular choice in record stores, radio stations, or karaoke. His record sales are over one million in Taiwan. In addition to singing, Huang Pinyuan is the host of many Taiwanese TV shows and participates in numerous performances of Hong Kong and Chinese film actors. For music, he has unlimited enthusiasm, whether it’s composing, arranging or recording, he is involved in many different levels of music production. Huang Pinyuan’s love for singing has inspired his music creation.

In 2002 Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan, his “Raincoat” won him the “Best Original Music” award. He is not only recognized in the field of music, but in 2012 he was also selected as the best actor in the 47th Golden Bell Awards for his TV series “Rainbow Night Flowers”.