Three card poker is an exciting variation to Poker in which each Player and the Dealer receive three cards. Learn how to play three card poker with this quick guide.

Three Card Poker Ranks of Hands

When comparing two hands of identical rank, the hand that contains the highest-ranking card shall be considered the highest-ranking hand. If the hands are identical after this application, the hand shall be considered a draw.


Before the first hand is dealt, a Player may compete solely against the Dealer by placing an Ante Wager in an amount within the minimum and maximum wagers posted at the table and then placing a Play Wager in an equal amount.

A Player may also compete against a posted payout table by placing a Pair Plus Wager, which may be in any amount within the minimum and maximum wagers posted at the table.

A Player may compete against both the Dealer and the posted payout table by placing both an Ante and Pair Plus Wager. All bets must be made prior to the dealer announcing “no more bets.”
Six Card Bonus wager This wager combines a Player’s three-card hand with the Dealer’s threecard hand to make the Player’s best five-card poker hand. Players win with a three-of-a-kind or better. The Player is eligible to win this wager even if he folds his Ante/Play wager. If the five-card-poker hand contains a Three-of-a-Kind or better, this Bet wins.

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How to Play

To play against the Dealer, a Player must make an Ante wager. After viewing their three cards, Players have the option to either place a Play Wager equal to the Ante Wager or forfeit their Ante and if applicable, their Pair Plus wager. The Dealer must have Queen High or better to play. If the Dealer’s hand does not contain a Queen High or better, the Player’s Ante Wager wins 1 to 1, and their Play Wager is returned. If the Dealer’s hand does contain a Queen High or better and the Player’s hand beats the Dealer’s hand, the Play Wager is paid 1 to 1 and the Ante Wager is paid 1 to 1. In the event of a Tie, then it is a Push and the wagers are returned.

The Pair Plus Wager allows Players to bet the ranked value of the hand against the posted payout and is not in competition against the Dealer’s hand.


A Player placing an Ante Wager and a Play Wager shall be paid an Ante Bonus if the Player’s hand consists of the following:

Three Card Poker Wager

If the Player makes an Ante Wager and a Pair Plus Wager but fails to make a Play Wager, the Player shall forfeit both the Ante Wager and the Pair Plus Wager.

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Players may make an optional $5 Progressive Side Bet that pays when they receive a straight or higher. To be eligible to bet the $5 Progressive Side Bet, each Player must have interest in both the Ante AND Pair Plus Wagers.

Progressive Pay Table Three Card Poker