Crystal Life Spa Reopening

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Crystal Life Spa doing to keep guests safe from germs?
Crystal Life Spa follows strict guidelines in accordance with State Board, CDC, OSHA and other state/local agencies. Our team has gone through COVID-19 training including sanitation and infection control procedures to ensure guests and staff are safe and risk for transmission of germs is low. Additional cleaning and disinfecting check points have been implemented along
with daily operation modifications.

What can I expect to be different when I return to the Spa after COVID-19?
Due to the current Health environment, a guest will notice staff use of Personal Protective Equipment and increased frequency of certain sanitation measures (cleaning of surfaces, credit card machines after use) as well as sanitation information posted in various spa locations. Team members will reinforce social distancing guidelines and keep the cleanliness of self-serve item stations (i.e. trail mix, snacks, fruit, infused water, etc.)

Does Social Distancing apply at the spa?
Crystal Life Spa has implemented protocols for properly following Social Distancing regulations. This includes but is not limited to scheduling certain number of guests for services at any given time, re-arranging furniture, and possible marked areas in common areas and temporarily requiring guests to schedule appointments ahead until we are able to accommodate walk in appointments. We ask that guests practice proper social distancing while in the spa environment.

Are linens changed after each massage and facial?
Linens are washed after every guest service or treatment with a commercial grade detergent in hot water and dried at a high temperature.

How often are pedicure chairs and basins/bowls cleaned?
Pedicure chairs, basins and bowls are properly washed and disinfected after every guest with an EPA- registered disinfectant.

What cleaning agents are used in the treatment room, pedicure basin/bowls?
Our disinfectants are hospital grade EPA registered disinfectants which are approved and effective against specific bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

How often and how are nail tools cleaned?
All metal tools that are designed for multiple use are thoroughly washed and disinfected after every guest with a EPA registered disinfectant. Some tools are single use only, therefore they
are disposed of following the service or the guest may take them home.

Can I bring my own nail tools?
Our tools are thoroughly washed and disinfected following strict guidelines to ensure the safety of our guests, therefore we do not allow guests the use of their own tools.

Am I required to wear a mask?
Guests are required to wear masks in accordance with state or local mandates if applicable to prevent the transmission of germs. If not mandated, disposable masks may be available upon request. Please inquire with our spa team.

Have staff been COVID-19 tested?
Staff testing for Estheticians is mandated in the state of New York. Proper protocols have been implemented for our staff with guidelines from CDC to assess employee health and identify warning signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Staff who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms are not permitted to work and for those present, required PPE will be worn to ensure both guest and employee protection.

Are the Spa amenities open?
Yes, all spa amenities are open.

Why does my service provider need to wear a mask and gloves?
Service provider staff are required to wear certain PPE to protect guests and themselves from the risk of transmission of germs. This may however, may be a short-term solution and will be
re-evaluated in accordance with COVID-19 developments and changes in state, local and national reg-ulations. We hope use PPE will not detract from your service experience and will do our best
to provide you with a relaxing and personalized service.

How often is spa furniture clean?
The spa furniture is cleaned throughout the day by our team utilizing appropriate cleaning agents. The staff focuses on high touch areas in the locker rooms, restrooms and other public spaces. We also utilize professional cleaners who are scheduled regularly for a thorough cleaning of all surfaces including furniture.

Will bottled water and snacks be available?
Yes, bottled water and pre-packaged snacks are available for our guests, as well as self-serve water, fruit infused water, and a tea stations. There are locations throughout the spa where water is available and our team members are here to assist you if you have any other requests.

Can I buy a gift card online instead of coming to the spa?
At this time, gift cards are only available for purchase at Crystal Life Spa. You may also call the Spa during our hours of operation to purchase a gift card: Friday & Saturday, 9 a.m. – 8 p.m., and Sunday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

What if I don’t feel well on the day of my service, will there be a cancellation fee?
We have reduced our cancellation window to 24 hours prior to your service and would be happy to cancel or reschedule your appointment prior to 24 hours. Within 24 hours of your appointment time there would be a cancellation fee of 100%. If you are not feeling well prior to your service please call to notify us so we can possibly make other arrangements. No notification for cancellation will result in a full charge to the credit card you secured the appointment with.