5 Ways To Celebrate Halloween In The Catskills

Halloween In The Catskills

Halloween is the most exciting event of the year, and that’s precisely why you need to go all out with your celebrations and make it worth the wait. And what’s better than spending the holiday at Resort World Catskills?

Whether you want to host a Halloween party worth remembering, try out your luck at a casino, or you just want to spend the holiday cuddling in bed while binging on scary movies, Resort World Catskills has got it all.

 If you are tired of the same old holiday traditions, visit the Resort World Catskills for a memorable Halloween, plus some gaming. We have over 150 live table games for you to enjoy, and peak fall foliage makes for the perfect backdrop for a Spooktober.

Let’s take a look at how we can make Halloween even more special this year.

1. Spooky Casino Game Night

Mirror mirror on the wall, can you win it all? 

Nothing beats the Halloween excitement than a fun game night. And what’s more thrilling than a casino night at Resort World in Catskills?  

You can try your luck out on over 1,600 slot machines or enjoy the euphoric experience of participating in any of our 150 live tables.  But if you want your Halloween to reminisce about a gangster movie, you can dress up in old-timey outfits- a nice fitted suit or a sparkly dress, and enjoy a game in our poker room to truly live your gangster-movie fantasy. 

Unleash your competitive spirit and try out one of the many game night events in Catskills, or let us plan it for you. 

2. Take The Haunted History Trail

Dying for a real scare? Visit the “Murderer’s Creek” this Halloween. If you’re staying at Resort World in Catskills, you’ll just be 79 miles away from discovering this notorious spot.

Murderer’s Creek earned its name when the young Sally Hamilton went missing. Three days later, her body, mutilated with a broken skull, was found under a bridge in a creek. Legend has it, the spirit of young Sally Hamilton still haunts the creek today.

Are you brave enough to confront young Sally’s ghost? Take a boat rental and explore this terrifying spot. We dare you!  

Not to worry, if you’re looking to explore a spot that won’t scar you forever, you could visit the Old Game Farm, or the Point Lookout Inn, which are both located at a 72-mile distance from Resort World Catskills.

3. Self-Care-Scare Movie Marathon

If you love the holiday but hate going out, treat yourself to a nice, quiet, and comfortable night at Resorts World Catskills. Order. room service, indulge in some Halloween candy, put on your [spooky] pajamas, and binge on classic Halloween movies. Here are some movie recommendations you can try: 

  • Fear Street Trilogy
  • House of the Witch
  • Hell Fest
  • As Above So Below
  • The Quiet Place
  • The Exorcist

These movies are bound to give you a Halloween scare.

4. Go Antique Hunting And Bring Home In The Catskills

If you are a collector of unusual treasures and enjoy the thrill of the hunt, a stay in the Catskills can keep you busy for days. 

If you’re spending a couple of days at Resorts World Catskills, we suggest you take a nightly tour of the city’s many antique stores, including the likes of Cloudspinners Antiques, Tannersville Antiques, and Blue Barn Marketplace. The best part? These stores are just an hour and fifteen-minute drive from the resort.

Antique hunting is the perfect Halloween for the shopaholic in you as you explore things out of the ordinary and even take some of them home.

You’ll find plenty of vintage collectibles, décor, gifts, and some eerie-sistible antiquities in small shops across the Catskills. We are thinking tiny dolls with glass eyes that follow you everywhere, old-school jack o’lanterns, blow mold ghosts, and bewitching goods that’ll follow you home.

5. Host Your Own Halloween Event At Resort World Catskills

If you are a fan of period costumes and need an excuse to wear them this year, there is no better way to do that than throwing a book- or movie-themed Halloween party. For example, Pride and Prejudice will be the perfect option if you’re looking to relish the glamor of the 1700s.

Book an event hall in your favorite Catskills resort to recreate the most memorable scenes from your favorite books or movies. From ball gowns to big vintage hair, your party will be the epitome of elegance. You can even work with party planners and have them decorate the hall with references from the book to make the experience even more authentic for your guests.

Enjoy Halloween In The Catskills

Halloween is the most awaited day of the year, and we can make it even more unforgettable at Resorts World Catskills. Whether you want to host a sophisticated party or you’re looking for a stress-free, luxurious place to treat yourself during the holiday, Resort World is the right place for you and your family.