Hiking Trails in The Catskills

hking in the catskills

Situated among the magnificent Catskills Mountains, Resorts World Catskills offers a one-of-a-kind entertainment and gaming experience with unparalleled access to the gorgeous natural beauty that surrounds the resort. With the mountains just outside your door, there’s no better way to take in the breathtaking scenery and get in touch with nature than taking a hike on one of the numerous trails that are only a short drive away. There are options suited for every guest, ranging from a leisurely picturesque walk to a challenging cardiovascular workout. Make the most out of your Resorts World stay by exploring Catskills intimately on foot by following a hiking path through the woods.

Slide Mountain

The 6.2-mile trail at Slide Mountain lies just an hour’s drive away from Resorts World Catskills. The trail, which is considered to be of moderate or intermediate difficulty, features a river and is used for hiking, running, and camping. While the trail sees the most traffic between the months of May and October, it’s accessible all year round, though, for the best experience, it’s not recommended to visit on icy or snowy days or just after significant rainfall, as parts of the trail can fall victim to flooding. The trail takes an estimated 3.5 hours to complete and has some of the most spectacular views on the way to the summit. Slide Mountain is said to be the highest mountain in the Catskills, making this particular trail a special one to traverse. In addition to being a moderately difficult trail, Slide Mountain is home to rocky terrain so proper footwear is definitely recommended. For guests with canine companions, the trail at Slide Mountain welcomes dogs so long as they are kept on leashes. 

Heritage Trail

Located just over a half-hour away from Resorts World Catskills in Goshen, New York is the Heritage Trail, the first multi-use asphalt trail developed by the Orange County parks system. In total, the Heritage Trail spans eighteen miles, running through bird and wildlife sanctuaries, across peaceful streams, and along lush meadows before winding around a stunning mountain lake. Heritage Trail is a popular spot for those interested in viewing the stunning vistas, nature walks, or nature study in addition to hiking. The ten-foot-wide trail composed of a mixture of asphalt and limestone is designed for biking, walking, running, and rollerblading as well as hiking and is recommended for visitors of all skill levels. Heritage Trail is wheelchair accessible and dog friendly, making it one of the most inclusive and family-friendly hiking locations in the region.

Neversink Unique Area

Named for the bordering Neversink River, Neversink Unique Area is home to three marked hiking trails totaling eleven miles. This local gem is only a short fifteen-minute drive from Resorts World Catskills and despite its spectacular gorge and numerous waterfalls, tends to be a far less commonly traversed hiking spot than other Catskills trails. The Neversink River has been designated one of the seventy-five “Last Great Places” in the United States by the Nature Conservancy, leaving little doubt that the Neversink Unique Area fully lives up to its name. Neversink’s trails run the gamut from easy to the challenging side of moderate, one of the signature features being the countless spots for trout fishing positioned along the way. Visitors to Neversink Unique Area should anticipate less than stellar cell phone reception while on the trails, so groups should stay close together while enjoying nature’s gift of a timeout from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

The Forest Reserve at Smallwood

Hop in the car for a quick twenty-minute drive outside of Resorts World Catskills and you will find the quiet, sprawling 130-acre public park currently being developed by the town of Bethel, New York. The property was acquired by the town in order to preserve and protect it from being turned into a residential townhouse development. Since its acquisition, The Forest Reserve at Smallwood has slowly but surely been coming together to provide the perfect landscape for gorgeous nature walks, outdoor exercise, and eventually snowshoeing and cross country skiing trails in addition to those used for hiking. Open 365 days a year, The Forest Reserve at Smallwood possesses so much Catskills beauty that will only continue to grow.

No matter what time of year you plan your visit, the local hiking scene has a trail to suit the season. The Catskill Mountains are home to so many unique hiking opportunities and the winding, verdant paths await your next Resorts World Catskills stay.